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I am Mihai K. and here something  about me

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If you start something, there is going to be something !

[/su_column][su_column size=”2/3″] [su_heading size=”18″ align=”left”] Practicing sports it’s not just a “to do” or “task”, it’s a lifestyle which is offering so many benefits that most of the normal people will forget they had before, once they “grow up” and start the work/job part of life. We are making our own lifestyle based on our priorities and principles. My normal day includes, everyday after work, some kind of sport activities as fitness as basketball, cycling, running or dancing.

My main purpose is to keep myself fit, healthy, strong and comfortable with the way I look. Beside these, some additional benefits will come like self confidence, more energy, friends, power and an better social life. In this era of virtual life, people are closing themselves in social media environments (were they feel comfortable) and they don’t realize that non of that is real and makes any difference. This is sad. I’ve started playing basketball in high school and then during university I started working out in the fitness studio. Now I am doing both and not because I have to, because I love doing the things I like. When some results are coming along after a while, the self confidence creates a feeling that cannot be compared to any “virtual likes”.

In conclusion, I am a fitness addict with 7 years behind and  I would like to share my sport side (gym plan, basketball, motivational stuff, gallery, music  and videos) that could help some people (or even YOU) out to get out from their “comfort zone”.[/su_heading]



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More about me: http://mihai-kato.xyz

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